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    When considering business ownership, it is easy to think about the short-term effects it will have on your life. There are a great deal of changes that occur in the first year, but what about ten years down the road? Part of the research and planning process involves realistically imagining your life with the business you […]

    The post The Stages of Your Business Ownership Journey appeared first on SmallBizClub.

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    So you’re ready to start a franchise. Congratulations! Still, one thing might be holding you back – the franchise cost associated with starting the business of your dreams. There’s more than meets the eye when it comes to starting a franchise. Here’s a more accurate look at what a franchise costs to start. #1. The […]

    The post How Much Does a Franchise Cost? appeared first on SmallBizClub.

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    Congratulations! Inspired by the 10% of new businesses that succeed, rather than daunted by the 90% that don’t, you’re ready to become an entrepreneur. You’ve got ideas, talents and abilities in which are worth investing your time, effort and resources. Acquiring and developing the right resources is one of the most important factors in the […]

    The post 4 Essential Tips for Beginning Entrepreneurs appeared first on SmallBizClub.

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  • 06/30/16--07:32: Entrepreneurs: Born or Made?
  • If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a million times: “why are you an entrepreneur?” Early on you knew that the entrepreneur lifestyle was for you and overtime it evolved to be part of your personality. The idea that entrepreneurs are a “special breed” of people has been floating around for a while now. […]

    The post Entrepreneurs: Born or Made? appeared first on SmallBizClub.

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    So you have taken the initial step: To make your business dreams, a reality. The next step would be to make your business stand out among the many new upcoming projects. Every project is the fruit of great hard work, effort, and creativity. So it is important that we market the project in an effective […]

    The post 4 Simple First Steps to Business Success appeared first on SmallBizClub.

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    Buying a franchise is a major investment financially, emotionally and physically. There is a lot that goes into making your new business a success. By defining expectations up front, you can ease the transition into franchise ownership. To do this, you need some answers. Here are the top 10 questions to ask the franchisor before […]

    The post 10 Questions to Ask the Franchisor Before Signing on the Dotted Line appeared first on SmallBizClub.

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    Love working out? Love helping others achieve their fitness goals? A fitness franchise might be a good option for you. But before you head to the bank to get your small business loan or home equity loan, you’ll need to establish a detailed business plan to fully understand the initial cost and fees even before […]

    The post Fitness Franchise: Initial Costs and Fees to Consider appeared first on SmallBizClub.

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    As a startup investor, I often see business proposals looking for funding that really look like expensive hobbies looking for donations. I recognize that entrepreneurs tend to substitute vision and passion for formal processes, but no discipline or process in building something new is a sure way to spend money, rather than see any return […]

    The post How to Take Your Idea from a Hobby to a Business appeared first on SmallBizClub.

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    How to protect your business idea while you build your startup. I’ve been kind of hard-line in this space on the value of ideas. I’ve said they are a dime a dozen, aren’t owned, can’t be sold. My personal favorite is this one: A good idea is like a beautiful day. Everybody owns it. I’ve posted here on […]

    The post How to Protect Your Business Idea While You Build the Business appeared first on SmallBizClub.

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    Entrepreneurship has become the buzzword as it seems everyone in every part of the world is seeking to become the next big thing in tech development. There are stories all around us that speak about a single piece of motivation, an idea, or even a mistake that became the foundation stone of a billion dollar […]

    The post 5 Steps to Building a Successful Tech Startup appeared first on SmallBizClub.

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    Well, the numbers don’t lie, even if there are several sources of these statistics. Starting a company is HARD—in so many ways. And risky too. I read several years ago, that the average startup restaurant lasts only about a year. Ouch! Here I am a professional investor in early stage companies, and I attempt to […]

    The post Startups: What Are Your Odds for Success? appeared first on SmallBizClub.

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    Entrepreneurs are people who dream up new ideas, and then commercialize them into new businesses. Most people believe that the hard part is coming up with the idea, and the easy part is turning it into a business. Yet, in my experience as a mentor to entrepreneurs, the majority of failures I see are related […]

    The post 8 Disciplines for Transforming Ideas into Businesses appeared first on SmallBizClub.

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    What is the machine of the future? It’s still an assembly of parts, gears, and electronics—but that’s not all. The machine of the future is also an integrated collection of sensors and actuators connected by software (think Tesla). That’s according to Dr. Timothy Chou, author of Precision: Principles, Practices, and Solutions for the Internet of Things (Crowdstory, 2016). […]

    The post How to Build a Service Business with an IoT Framework appeared first on SmallBizClub.

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    So, what do you think is more important? The quality of your management team, or the plan you execute toward success? Checking with professional investors from angels to VC’s, the answer appears to be near unanimous: the quality of the proposed or actual management team comes in a strong first, before the attractiveness of the business […]

    The post Which is More Important: Management Quality or a Better Plan? appeared first on SmallBizClub.

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    Jim sat on his dingy bed. Around and under the center of his universe were the bits and bric brac of a life collected. Books, a radio and just some tired essentials.  Some of these were the leftovers of Jim’s story. Dog eared photos of past relationships and distant memories. The boundaries of this one room dwelling […]

    The post 3 Secrets of Success That Influencers Don’t Tell You appeared first on SmallBizClub.

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    The world is full of paradox, like this one. Here’s research on startup vision that shows “The tech landscape is lush with entrepreneurs whose success blossomed only after the founders had modified or even abandoned their original vision.” That makes sense when you see examples and details. But wait – what about the idea that the […]

    The post Startup Vision: Paradox of Consistency vs. Opportunity appeared first on SmallBizClub.

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    Most of the guidance you see for entrepreneurs is aimed at those who are selling a product (Apple, Tesla, Xiaomi), or selling a service (Uber, Airbnb, Snapchat). Yet, according to statistics from the Small Business Association (SBA), over half of new businesses offer something else—personal professional services, including consulting, business coaching, and advisory services. The challenges for […]

    The post 8 Key Ingredients to a Profitable Consulting Business appeared first on SmallBizClub.

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    You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again: location, location, location. It’s a huge determining factor in just how successful a small business will end up being. So how do you go about finding the perfect location for your small business? How do you get into this elusive situation of being in the best […]

    The post How to Find the Perfect Location for Your Small Business appeared first on SmallBizClub.

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    The moment when they decide to quit your 9-to-5 job and become your own boss is definitely one of the best in every business owner’s life. Once you take that plunge, your new life begins, a life of making your own decisions and building your own future. Unfortunately for the vast majority of small business […]

    The post 3 Most Annoying Things Small Business Founders Face appeared first on SmallBizClub.

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